Friday, September 9, 2011

Weird news from Sweden

[The following news item was published in our local paper today, The Medicine Hat News, Friday, September 9, 2011, p. C8. The humorous story is most welcome, and serves as a counterpoint to the more somber nature of this weekend, especially Sunday for many in the U.S.A. and around the globe, as we remember the horrific, evil events of 9/11, ten years ago. May the LORD of heaven and earth have mercy on us all and help us all to prevent such a disaster from happening again. Dim Lamp]

'Drunk' moose all tangled up

A seemingly intoxicated moose has been discovered entangled in an apple tree by a stunned Swede.
   Per Johannsson says he heard a roar from his vacationing neighbour's garden in southwestern Sweden late Tuesday and went to have a look. There, he found a female moose kicking about in the tree. The animal was likely drunk from eating fermented apples.
   With the help of police and rescue services, the 45-year-old Johannsson later managed to set the moose free in part by sawing off tree branches.
   But the animal appeared confused and wandered into Johannsson's garden, where she was still resting Thursday.
   Other neighbours in the Goteborg suburb Saro had seen the animal sneaking around the area for days. Johannsson said the moose appeared to be sick, drunk or "half-stupid."

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